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Testosterone increases libido

An individual’s happiness lies in good part on his self-esteem. This self-esteem is often influenced by his realizations and capacity for accomplishment. Best testosterone enhancer to boost your low testosterone.

  • As an active person, how would you like to significantly improve your health, increase your vitality and extend your lifespan?low testosterone

  • As an individual, how would you like to improve your appearance and lose that excess fat?

  • As an athlete, how would you like to impressively improve your performance?

  • As a bodybuilder, how would you like to speed up strength gains and muscle growth?

  • As a man, how would you like to dramatically improve your sexual health, drastically increase your libido and get a strong erection on command?

All of these are directly associated with a high free testosterone level. These wonderful abilities drop after the age of 25, unless you beat the clock with Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster.testosterone booster


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Introducing "Testone® testosterone booster": the leading next generation

male supplement.


Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement is proven to be the world’s most cost-effective natural testosterone booster. Its power relies on the combination of the most effective anti-aromatase agent, and Infusamax, a unique patent pending advanced delivery system.

By irreversibly binding to aromatase, Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement has clinically shown to increase free testosterone level by more than 167% in two weeks. You have low testosterone, increase it with a testosterone maximizer supplement.


 Main Benefits

Here's just a small sample of what you'll get when you order yours today:

  • Increased Health and Vitality

  • Increased Libido

  • Increased Muscle Size

  • Fat Loss


What will Testone® do for you?

In a nutshell, Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement will dramatically increase your energy level, muscle size, and fat loss. Among others, Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement will also increase libido and improve sexual performance. The gains will be almost immediate, guaranteed with this bodybuilding supplement testosterone maximizer.



Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement is a scientifically designed and clinically proven formula.


Energy Levels

The higher levels of testosterone created by Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement will increase your energy and overall vitality. Your testosterone level is subject to rise as high or higher than in your early twenties, making you feel young and strong again. This will also have a positive effect on your overall mental attitude and desire to conquer the world. Boost your low testosterone.


Strength gains

The higher levels of testosterone created by Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement will also increase your muscle protein synthesis triggered by resistance training. These proteins are responsible for muscle contractility, thus muscle strength. Additionally, your increased desire for performance will give you the motivation to push yourself harder and further increase your strength.


Muscle size gains

The newly synthesized muscle proteins will in part lead to increased muscle size. These new proteins as well as the associated energy sources created to drive them will cause additional water intake by the muscle, leading to even greater muscle size gains with this bodybuilding supplement testosterone maximizer and testosterone enhancer.


Fat Loss

The higher natural testosterone level as well as the anew gained lean muscle mass will fire up your metabolism and force to burn more fat. Moreover, the elevated training intensity resulting from the stronger will for achievement will also allow for more calorie expense, thus fat loss. Boost your low testosterone.


Increased libido

The testosterone level increase caused by Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement will also be responsible for stronger sexual desire.



It is with great pleasure that I recommend this wonderful product which dramatically increases  workout capacities and improves general physical condition. I have myself obtain phenomenal results using Testone. I found Testone to be easy to use and to increase my physical strength and appetite as well as my libido. Combined with a proper training program as well as a balanced diet, Testone provides great results and NO side effect. Within only 3 weeks, I have gained a solid 15 pounds of lean muscles and I have kept them!

Daniel Landry, Montreal (QC), Canada

  I was surprised how soon I started observing the benefits of Testone. Just half an hour after taking my first tablet, I felt a mood change and a sudden urge for mating. And I experienced drastic strength and visible and measurable size gains within two days. While I was using it, my appetite, libido and eager to train went to the roof. Never have I used something so effective (even more than the real thing...) in such a short period of time. Within three weeks, I already had gained 12 pounds of muscle while reducing my body fat. Finally a product that works! Thanks to you Netrients folks. I definitely recommend this product to anyone and can't wait to get back on it!

Pascal Thibeault, Montreal (QC), Canada




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Buy Testone Testosterone Booster ...Feel younger and change your life forever!


 Stack With



Infusamax (Proprietary delivery delivery formula),  3,17-diketoandrost-1,4,6-triene, 4-androst-3,6,17-trione.

 Physiological action
Compound Physiological action RDA Dosage
Delivery matrix Infusamax delivery matrix is a unique and proprietary formulation allowing fast and complete absorption and insure rapid and and effective delivery of active compounds N/A 100mg
3,17-diketoandrost-1,4,6-triene Competes with testosterone for the active sites of the aromatase enzyme. Binds irreversibly to the the site, preventing the enzyme to transform testosterone in oestrogen, causing it to accumulate. It is considered as the most effective and least toxic antiaromatase.



 Clinical trial

The experiment is to determine the effects of minimal fast dissolving dosing of 3,17-diketo-androst-1,4,6-triene, a proven effective inhibitor for testosterone aromatase enzyme. The test subjects are to be free of all controlled substances influence for a period of not less than 3 months. All subjects should be healthy male adults between the ages of 21 and 55, without any signs of prostate malignancy or enlargement. On the first day the subjects have blood drawn and free testosterone is measured and recorded. On the second day at 8h00, all subjects place the fast dissolving tablet containing 5mg of active ingredient provided under the tongue till complete dissolution occurs. The process is repeated for each subject at 20h00. The subjects repeat the fast dissolving dissolution process each day, twice a day at 8h00 and 20h00 respectively, for two weeks. After 14 days the subjects report for a final blood drawing and evaluation of their free testosterone levels.

Subjects initial total testosterone level were generally within the normal range.
Testone® élévateur de testosterone naturelle raised free and total testosterone levels in all subjects. Total testosterone level average raise was 145%, with an highest value of 165%, final total testosterone levels reached the supra physiological area for 3 subjects with free testosterone rising 190% and as high as 310% in one subject.

Normal total testosterone level for a healthy male is about 500-600ng/dl. The 1200ng/dl value is considered as the supra physiological level responsible for anabolism.
Testone® natural testosterone booster significantly raised (p<0.05) both free and total testosterone levels in all subjects, bringing it above the physiological area in a statistically significant number of subject.

Testone® élévateur de testosterone naturelle was shown to be effective at rising plasmatic free and total testosterone levels. Since high testosterone levels are proven to promote muscle gains, improve overall athletic performances and support general health in man, it is possible to conclude that Testone® élévateur de testosterone naturelle can be effectively used to provide these results. Best product to boost your low testosterone.


Product Infos

 Container size  60
 Forme  Chewable tablets
 Servings  60
 Posology  As a diertary supplement, dissolve a losange in the mouth or under the tongue (do not swallow) each morning as well as each evening.
  • Minimal: 1 month
  • Recommended: 3-4 months
  • Maximal: 6 months
 After use  Use RAGE as indicated when not using Testone to maintain high levels of anabolism.
 Counter-indications Do not use if you are a women or if you are a man under 21 years of age. Do not use this product if you suffer from tumors, or if you are at risk or being treated for high pressure, heart failure or problems of any kind, kidneys, thyroid, psychiatric disorders, anxiety, depression, prostate enlargement or if you have difficulties to urinate. Consult a health professional before use and if you take anti depressors, MAO inhibitor or any prescription drug. Immediately interrupt usage and consult your doctor if you suffer from dizziness, insomnia, tremors, extreme nervousness, headaches or heart palpitation.
 WARNING KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Consult your physician before using this dietary supplement. For use by men 21 years or older only.

Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement is better than any other testosterone supplement

  • Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement is, by far, more effective than tribulus, Zinc/Magnesium and eurycomia based products (which only increase testosterone level by 30% - do not believe those who claim that their products provide higher increases).
  • Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement is also superior to products attempting to orally deliver the same active ingredient, as only 21% of those get into the blood stream (the rest is either not absorbed or broken down by the liver).

  • Testone® anti estrogen and natural testosterone booster bodybuilding supplement is finally better than ethyl or ester versions of the 3,17-keto-etiocholene and its 4-etiocholtriene derivative (because of their liver toxicity, and per weight decreased active ingredient proportion).

Due to their inability to prove the efficiency of their products, many companies will simply, on the pretext that it is a proprietary secret, not provide you with any formulation detail. You should be made aware that most natural heath products companies simply put-in know active ingredients in their product and market it by claiming, without performing any clinical trials, that it has the same or better efficiency than the reference formula. The same compound does not necessarily have the same efficiency when you change, even a little, the formula. Just ask any serious Dietary Supplement company about FDA regulations regarding new formulations of existing drugs for bioequivalence. Interaction, absorption and other critical characteristics of a product can be profoundly affected by any formulation change. This is why, at Netrients, we conduct a clinical trial before making any efficiency claim.


Buy Testone Testosterone Booster ...And become the king of ALL ...weights, board and bedrooms! Increase your low testosterone with a testosterone enhancer bodybuilding supplement.


Testone Testosterone Booster

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